Welcome at the Aquadolls

Aquadoll´s das heißt


Puppen und Wasser


und das ist auch das Thema dieser Seite!!!

Aquadoll's that is

Dolls and Water

and this is also the subject of this side!!!

This Site is in German and English


Diese Seite richtet sich an alle die meine Arbeiten mögen und schätzen. Alle anderen möchte ich bitten die Seite zu verlassen. Ich selber betrachte meine Fotos und Videos als kleine Kunstwerke. Dies gilt natürlich auch für die Puppen. Hier werdet ihr alles zu meiner Arbeit mit den Puppen erfahren. Ihr könnt meine Puppen kennenlernen und euch ansehen welche Klamotten sie tragen. Außerdem gibt es jede Menge Hintergrundinfos zu allen Bereichen. Und hier erfahrt ihr auch alle Neuigkeiten zu meinen Arbeiten.

This side is directed at all my work may and treasures, I would like to ask all the others to leave the side. I myself look at my photos and at videos as small pieces of art, this is valid of course also for the dolls. Here you will find out everything to my work with the dolls. You can get to know my dolls and they look at you what about things carry. Moreover, there is a lot of background infos to all areas. And here find out her all news to my work.

Ein kleiner Überblick über meine Seite:

Im Doll Atelier erfahrt ihr alles was vor und hinter der Kamera passiert.

Ihr wollt meine Puppen genau kennen lerne und sehen was es für Fotosets es von ihnen gibt dann schaut bei den Artist Dolls und bei den Mannequeens  vorbei.

Ich habe einige Freunde die ebenfalls Fotos machen die findet ihr auf unseres Freundschaftsseite

Ich habe immer mal was zu verkaufen das findet ihr im Shop

Ihr wollt mit mir in Kontakt treten schaut auf meine Kontakt Seite


A small overview of my website:


At the Doll Ateilier you can find out everything that happened in front and behind the camera


You want to get to know my dolls and watch their Picture Sets than take a look on the Artist Dolls and Mannequins Part of my page.


I have some friends who take photos as well. You can find their work on the Friends Page.


If you´re looking for the thinks I´m selling - take a look on my Shop.


To get in contact with me you can use the contact page.


My last Updats and Uploads



18.04-21.04.2014 lets start in the Easter Weekand!!

This weekend becomes a XXL weekend. In the next four days gives it each day a new set. And also still a few surprises in addition.

Happy Easter!!! all frends of the Aquadolls



Freiday: Laura and Max Set 001 I pee may Pants and you

Saturday: Ben Set 007 my diaper does not hold                      

Sunday: Zoe Set 009 a raining day in the Wood

                   Sarah Set 6+7 the big Easter Video

 Monday: Lena Set 028 I am a wet Cheerleader



12.04.2014 the winter is gone but we have a set from the last winter

Beeke Set 004 I like the winter


04.04.2014 a new set:

Sophie Set 003 a Morning shower


and I have work on the wardrobe seit .... look here

30.03.2014 today two new videos with Lotta


look at the Video Area


21.03.2014 and the next set:

Svenja Set 002 a beach day


15.03.2014 Its time for a new Set from Laura

Laura Set 002 on shopping tour


07.03.2014 The carnival is in the end, and Jana say:

Jana Set 011 I had the Carnival


01.03.2014 its carneval time so two new sets:

Naomi Set 004 an elephant pee

Naomi Set 005 an elephant has a shower


22.02.2014 Today a new set with Sophie


Sophie Set 002 at the Morning I pee in my diaper


14.02.2014 Today I created two categories again:

Video Area for Mannequins and for Artistdolls

and two new Videos are online look in the Video Area

08.02.2014 It´s time for a new set


Mia Set 010 today blow up I my diaper



31.01.2014 it´s winter and we have many fun:


Zoe and Mia Set 010 a cold winter day


25.01.2014  and teh next set


Zoe and Mia Set 009 after a hard day


18.01.2014 and the next set have fun


Emma Set 006 Moring Pee


11.01.2014 we ar back from our brake

Beeke Set 003 My first clothes shower


01.01.2014 to start in the new year two sets:


Jana Set 009 a summer peeing

Jana Set 010 I like to go wet



25.12.2013 four sets:

Finja Set 001 a shower for a girl

Max Set 001 a shower for a boy

Alice Set 001 is not in the wonderland

Laura Set 003 a morning shower


22.12.2013 one new set today


Lena Set 027 two panties wet


13.12.2013 For this weekand a smal Set with Lena

Lena Set 026 The Beer is wet


07.12.2013 Some small changes at the side


06.12.2013 today a special Set in three Parts, a friend come to visit my dolls!!!


Zoe and Mia Set 011 have visit from Bavaria Part 1

Who has the thickest diaper?


Zoe and Mia Set 012 have visit from Bavaria Part 2

Come Annabell we go showering


Zoe and Mia Set 013 have visit from Bavaria Part 3

After paying outside we have ever a shower




29.11.2013 this weekand two sets from Lotta


Lotta Set 012 The black Bikini

Lotta Set 013 bed-wetter



And how it continues in the future?!?!
Help me and fill out to mean briefly poll

My Pool


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Importand we have a new Mail!!! aquadolls@yandex.com




16.11.2013 Today Mia play with her new doll

Mia Set 009 plays with her new Doll


08.11.2013 today a new set with Emma

Emma Set 005 runs out


Zu Verkaufen!! For sale!!

Takeo verkauft ganz besonder Windeln. Takeo sells completely special diapers.


Hier getz zu ihnen; Here getz to them


01.11.2013 now its Weekand one new set today!!!

Ben Set 006 Is a Sissy Boy

26.10.2013 now a new set!!! this is the last old Set next weekend come the new Sets from the last Shoot

Sopfie + Yoko Set 001 A accident and a wet bath



19.10.2013 time for a new Set hope you like it??


Sopfie + Jana Set 001 Morning pee


12.10.2013 a new set with Zoe


Zoe Set 013 every day I have a shower


05.10.2013 New Set coming out today, picked by Takeo ^-^


Little Zoe is taking a shower in her Baby Pannts and having much fun.

Zoe Set 010 and her baby swim pants


Lena is coming home from playing at the beach

Lena Set 025 My new swimsuit for the beach




28.09.2013 today a new Set from a Frand Catsuit Tom

Lisi like it wet


and a new Set from The Aquadolls

Beeke Set 002 my diapers are to small



21.09.2013 today new sets with my artist dolls

Naomie Set 007 A strange night


14.09.2013 the Holydays have end :( , but I have new Sets for you !! :)

Emily + Violetta Set 001 see the underpants

Emily + Violetta Set 002  let’s play a wet game

Yoko Set 001 My pants are wet

Violetta Set 001 See I pee my pants

Violetta Set 002 A dress is better for accidents

Mia Set 008 I like to shower



26.05.2013 five new sets today 


Alina Set 006 I don’t neet a diaper

Alina Set 007 a wet shower

Emma Set 004 my special beach dress

Finja Set 008 In the rain

Jana Set 008 after sports I have a shower



22:05:2013 Two new Sets from Catsuit−tom


Three Girls

Golden Girls


08.05.2013 Today I finisht the last Video to the Sarah and Ben Set


Sarah and Ben Set 003 Bad Sister Part 2


05.05.2013 Today is accidend day; three new sets Today:


Maja Set 012 My dress is not wet

Maja Set 013 My pants are wet

Maja Set 014 my swimsuit and I



29.04.2013 Revised the home page


26.04.2013 two new Sets ( With the friendly support of J )


Sarah and Ben Set 003 Bad Sister Part 1

Sarah and Ben Set 003 Bad Sister Part 2


21.04.2013 one new Set:

Sarah and Ben Set 002 we have a shower


07.04.2013 we have a new banner !!! thanks to Toby

and a new Set: Sina Set 002 I like a wet bed


31.03.2012 Happy Easter !!! A new Set is online
29.03.2013 Today one new set from Tom
24.03.2013 and the next and the last Set of the Carneval Party No.5
15.03.2013 lets start the weekend !!! and this is new:
one new Video !!! Naomi Set 001
and the next part of the Carneval Party No.4
08.03.2013 and the next Part of the Carneval Party
Aquadolls The Carnival Party Part 3 (I hope you will not get boring? ! ?!)
28.02.2013 a new set from Catsuiz-tom is online
so and the sercound part from the Carneval Party is online
22.02.2013 And the next new Set
17.02.2013 Today a new spezial Set, 6 Dolls!!! 347 pictures

10.02.2013 And now the secound Set for this weekend:

09.02.2013 The new sets are finally finished, and now one Set today:
26.01.2013 10 new Sets with Emily are online
18.01.2013 We have a new Frend: Catsuit−tom
We are very proud the revoking his photos, you can find thie pictueres at piwigo


13.01.2013 one new Set is online

Zoe and Mia Set 006 Its my doll


08.01.2013 two new Set are online

Ben Set 001 I have forgotten my diapers

Ben Set 002 time for a bath


04.01.2013 A new Doll is arrive, sposoring by Sonny. Thanks for this

Welkomm Benjamin (Ben), see his Profile

And a new Set is online:

Mia Set 007 how I become clean and dry



01.01.2013                        Hapy new Year all !!!



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